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Unique Backsplash Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel

Unique Kitchen BacksplashNorfolk Kitchen & Bath knows how difficult it is to choose kitchen cabinets for your home renovation, but we’re happy to hear you’ve finally reached this first crucial step! You might now be thinking of ways to add a little flare and fun to your new space, and we have a few suggestions for unique backsplash options to do just that!

Bead board

New England is known for quaint and cozy design, and bead board often gives you that same look at an affordable price. Finish your bead board with an easy-to-clean paint, and you’ll add texture to your kitchen in a subtle and sophisticated way.

Tin sheets

You might often see these same tin sheets on the ceilings of old, elegant homes but this backsplash option is a great way to add a little personality to your space. This is a budget-friendly fix that helps keep your kitchen feeling open and light.

Stainless steel

Metallics are really popular at the moment, and rightfully so. Whether you decide on using tile or metal sheets, this backsplash is easy to clean and a sensible option for your kitchen when searching for a durable material.

Reclaimed wood

If there is one rule we can always stand by with design, it’s that thinking out of the box can create a memorable kitchen. Choosing a tile floor and a wood backsplash incorporates traditional materials in a new way. This especially looks great when you choose a painted cabinet!

Textured tile

Considering an area where you might want a little more dimension than you will get with traditional tile? You’re sure to turn heads with sculptural stone or modular panels options which you can find examples of online.

If making these kitchen remodel decisions is proving to be harder than you originally thought, get in contact with us at Norfolk Kitchen and Bath! Our team of designers would be happy to help you choose your cabinets and conceptualize a style that works for you. Call and speak to a designer if you have questions at (877) 336-9652.