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Vanity Countertops For Your Bathroom Design

You just picked out your custom bathroom cabinets, and now the question is: what do I use for vanity countertops? Many homeowners, when matching bathroom cabinets to their kitchen design, may elect to use the same countertop material as they do in the kitchen. Other homeowners may decide to go with a completely new look for their bathroom design. When you are choosing your countertops for the bath, Norfolk recommends using either granite, quartz, or solid surface materials. Keep in mind that you can incorporate these materials into your vanity countertops, tub decking/surrounds, and even your tub or shower walls!

Below is a list of things to consider when trying to decide on your bathroom vanity countertops:

a double bathroom vanity with a granite vanity countertop next to a white toilet

Granite & Natural Stone

Granite is 100% organic, made by Mother Nature. Granite is quarried from the earth in large blocks, then cut into slabs, polished on one side & sent to the fabricator. Norfolk Kitchen & Bath partners with these fabricators to provide you with a wide array of color options for your vanity countertops. The price of granite often depends on your choice of color, its popularity and how easy that color is to mine from the earth. 

  • Popularity: Nature made beauty! Granite is a widely popular choice for many of today’s bathroom designs.
  • Affordability: Surprisingly affordable for vanity tops, especially when choosing a “program color” or a remnant piece.
  • Unique: Granite is a one of a kind piece. No two slabs are exactly the same!
  • Value: Many prospective buyers seek granite in bathrooms. Increase your home’s value, and put money back in your pocket!
  • Durability: Extremely durable, chips and cracks are unlikely. Granite also boasts a high heat resistance.
  • Cleanability: Porous, may stain. Visible seams can trap dirt & germs. Use of mild cleaners only is recommended, and sealing may be required.
  • Versatility: Granite can be fabricated to most any shape, with various edge details. Backsplash may not fit certain curves on the wall.
  • Brands: Mother Nature! Norfolk Kitchen & Bath works with the top local fabricators that have a variety of slabs in stock.


a bold cambria quartz vanity countertop with a thick edge profile in a modern bathroom

Quartz: Cambria®, Silestone & More!

While some quartz countertops are made of true quarried stone, many of the quartz countertops you see today are an engineered material composed of 93% quartz and 7% polymer resins, resulting in a super-hard, low-maintenance, stone countertop that is much more consistent in its design than natural stone. Norfolk Kitchen & Bath has partnered with the top manufacturers of the engineered quartz products to give you many options for your quartz vanity countertops.

  • Popularity: In recent years, quartz has begun to compete with granite in popularity, and in some cases is even more popular in today’s homes.
  • Design: Quartz countertops are manufactured, resulting in a higher consistency in the design, unlike granite where every piece is unique.
  • Value: Similar to granite, quartz is very desirable in today’s homes and will likely increase your home’s value if you decide to sell.
  • Durability: Extremely durable, chips and cracks are unlikely. Not as high heat resistance as granite.
  • Cleanability: Quartz is non-porous and does not stain or need to be sealed.
  • Versatility: Quartz can be fabricated to most any shape, with various edge details. Quartz is a little more flexible to work with than granite, making it a great material for use on larger surfaces such as tall/full-height backsplashes and shower enclosures.
  • Brands: Norfolk offers a variety of brand name quartz, including Cambria, Silestone, Viatera, Zodiaq, and more!


a solid surface vanity countertop with an integrated sink

Solid Surface/Corian®

Solid surface is a manufactured material composed typically of acrylic and/or polyester resins and pigments, as opposed to natural stone particles in granite & quartz. Solid surface is also non-porous, which promotes a cleaner, bacteria-free bathroom. Norfolk Kitchen & Bath has its own countertop shop which is certified to fabricate all types of solid surface products for your bathroom.

  • Design: Corian, one of the top solid surface brands, has some of the finest color palettes to choose from.
  • Durability: Easy to maintain, solid surface is able to be refinished & repaired by the fabricator at any time. Typically, solid surface also comes with a 10-year installed warranty.
  • Cleanability: Solid surface does not stain, and is extremely easy to clean given the lack of seams, sink rim, or caulking. In tubs & showers, that means no grout lines to clean, either!
  • Versatility: Solid surface can be cut and seamed to fit any shape & size, with no visible seams! For this reason, solid surface is particularly great option to consider for tub decking & shower walls as well as your vanity top.
  • Brands: Norfolk Kitchen & Bath has its own countertop fabrication shop, which is certified to fabricate solid surface from top manufacturers such as Corian, Meganite, & Wilsonart!


No matter what you choose, Norfolk Kitchen & Bath is here to make sure that you end up with a beautiful bathroom design in your home. Contact us for a quote on your new vanity countertop, or make an appointment with one of our talented kitchen & bath designers for your new custom bath today!