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Subtle Ways to Add Color to Your Kitchen

Norfolk Kitchen & Bath’s designers have worked on enough kitchen remodels over the years to know that it can be hard for homeowners to fully conceptualize the renovation before it’s complete. If you are worried to use clean lines and a light neutral color pallet because it might feel stark and sterile, we can think of a few ways to subtly add color to your design and complete transform your new space.

Custom-Kitchen-Cabinets-13K-photoUtilize open shelving or glass doors on accent cabinets

Do you have beautifully colored dishes and decorations that you would love your guests to see without having to rummage through your cabinets? Your everyday cookware can become a staple in your kitchen design and your favorite décor pieces.

Look for unique light fixtures

Your lighting can be just another utility to purchase, or it can become an essential part of your design. Use this opportunity to add a pop of color through the pendants that are placed above your island or over your table.

Bring the outside in

Succulents are very popular at the moment, and rightfully so! These little plants, real or fake, are a simple way to add a little greenery without much (or any) maintenance. This is especially ideal if you’re interested in keeping with natural colors.

Use vibrant accessories

Simple uses of hand towels, seasonal flowers, fruit, vegetables, and other common kitchen items add that contrast you have been searching for all while providing practical use of each décor piece.

Create an accent wall

If you cannot bring yourself to paint your new kitchen cabinets a vibrant color, an accent wall might be the next best thing! As an inexpensive fix, you can create a focal point of your kitchen without feeling overwhelming.

Being able to bring together all these design elements can be challenging for a homeowner with little experience, and Norfolk Kitchen & Bath would love you to work with our experts! With more questions about our services, call us today at (877) 336-9652.