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Norfolk’s Survival Guide to Kitchen Remodels

From kitchen design to the actual construction process, remodels can quickly become overwhelming and time-consuming. With so many installations under our belts, Norfolk Kitchen & Bath has a few survival tips for making it through your remodel.

Be realistic

Though television shows make the process seem so fast, kitchen remodels often take about one to two pritchard-scituate-21weeks to complete once cabinets are delivered and ready to install. It’s important that you go into your remodel with realistic expectations for a timeline, and will accept that you will be without your kitchen for a little while.

Find a kitchen alternative

Depending on your plans while your kitchen is under construction, you will be limited on many resources. Consider microwavable meals, utilizing a refrigerator or freezer in the garage/basement, and designate an area to wash dishes in another area of your home.

Be prepared for problems

Even the most meticulous planners deal with unforeseen complications. From miscommunications to late deliveries to accidental damage, it’s important to know there is always a potential for mistakes and to budget for some of those possibilities.

Expect stress to happen

Being uprooted can be tough, and mixed with problems in your reno or other personal matters can heighten your emotions. Try your best to stay calm, ask questions as problems arise, and try to avoid making quick decisions based on your current emotion.

Find ways to get away

Even if it is just a day at the park or a night with relatives, you will find that stepping away from a construction site can help you unwind and feel better about your kitchen remodel. Stepping away can also help you create fresh ideas for your space.

Before you know it, you will be in your brand new space and the weeks of dust and waiting will be a distant memory. Norfolk Kitchen & Bath would love to help make your renovation even easier with free design assistance, quality cabinets, and professional installation. With more questions, call our experts today at (877) 336-9652.