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Use this handy guide to measure your kitchen space to help start the estimate process. Our expert designer will then enter these measurements in the design software and be able to provide a drawing and price for your kitchen project.

1) Draw overall shape of room on page supplied.
Measure everything in inches, along the wall at about 36″ Height.
*For windows or doors, include the trim in the measurement

2. rough measure your kitchen

3. wall 2

2) Measure the ceiling height.
3) If you have a soffit, measure the floor to soffit height and depth of soffit. (A soffit is a built in area above the wall cabinets that boxes the cabinets in)
4) Add measurements together to confirm overall/ accuracy. * If adding cabinets or extending them on a wall, it is important to note light switches, outlets, heat vents, etc.
5) Make notes of any obstructions, pipe chase areas, etc
We will work with your measurements to provide you with a prospective drawing of what your kitchen will look like when it is finished. This will help you understand the work flow, and cabinet specifics of door height proportions, drawer locations, etc.

This plan will help us provide an estimate for the cabinets that you would like, along with other items such as counter tops, hardware and installation.

Appliance Information and Measurement Form

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