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Creating Contrast In Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling varies from homeowner to homeowner, and what works for many might not work for all! Two design decisions that many love are clean lines and light colors throughout their space. Though Norfolk Kitchen & Bath loves nearly all kitchen design, we know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea! If you’re the kind of person who loves to see contrasting colors and styles in their home, then we would suggest these few tips to create the variation you were looking for.

4. two-kitchen cabinet stylesTwo-toned cabinets

Maybe one of the most popular ways to add instant dimension to your space, this can be done in a variety of ways. Some will choose white uppers and dark lowers, some will choose a different color for their island, choose a different color for the cabinets surrounding their stove, or even experiment with accent molding and trim colors.

Ceiling treatments

This is a fun and unique design choice that looks fantastic with simple cabinet design. Whether you might decide on using beams, tongue-and-groove wood, tin tiles, or a variety of other materials, the difference in color and texture often looks fantastic and draws your eye to the ceiling.

Lighting options

One of the easiest changes you can make to gain a little contrast in your existing design without breaking the bank is switching out your lighting. Many who have white cabinets use this as an opportunity to gain a pop of color with vibrant lampshades or make a subtler difference with intricate, metal fixtures against dark grains.


From simply using a dark versus light color palette between the cabinets and countertops to choosing two counter materials to use on your main cabinets and your center island, your kitchen will look cohesive but balanced with the variation of colors throughout the space. For example, some mix materials such as granite and butcher block, or granite and marble.

If you’re interested in incorporating contrast into your kitchen design but just are not sure if you’re making the right choices, don’t stress! Norfolk Kitchen & Bath is here to help you in all steps of your remodel. From design to countertops, we’ll be sure your kitchen has all the elements you need and will look beautiful as a finished product. With more questions about our services, please call us today at (877) 336-9652.