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Benefits of Open Shelving

You might have noticed on your favorite HGTV shows that open shelving in a kitchen remodel has become extremely popular in recent years! Norfolk Kitchen & Bath loves to keep up on these current trends and we don’t see this design choice losing momentum any time soon. We can think of quite a few reasons clients love this idea, and it’s mostly for all the added benefits it offers your space.

It allows you to constantly change your aesthetic

Your dishes and other kitchen items become your décor, and this allows you to constantly switch up your style! Move around your items on the shelf, switch some out for different colors, make it as simple or complex as you desire. These shelves let you be creative long after your kitchen reno is over.

It’s great for odd corners and spaces

Not every kitchen is the exact shape we need to fit pre-made or even semi-custom cabinets. When you’re looking for a solution to the odd areas of your kitchen but cannot afford expensive custom work, shelves are an ideal solution.

Inspires organizationKitchen Cabinets

With open shelving, there is no hiding your messy secrets behind a cabinet door. If you find that you are frustrated with your unorganized kitchen, these shelves might give you the opportunity to perfect your storage style.

It’s ideal for displaying your less-used china

If you have beautiful, family china that you can’t bear to use more than once or twice a year, put it on display. For those collectors out there, open shelving gives you the perfect storage solution all while showing off your family heirlooms.

It’s budget friendly

Maybe you’ve noticed that removing just on kitchen cabinet from your order keeps you on budget, and you’re looking for solutions. Open shelving is a great way to save in some areas without sacrificing the quality of your kitchen.

Working open shelving into your kitchen design can be a little difficult, and that’s where Norfolk Kitchen & Bath’s experts come in. We’d love to help you through every step of your kitchen renovation, including the perfect place to fit your open shelves! With more questions about our services, call us today at (877) 336-9652.