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Scott Kitchen DesignerScott Bobrick

Kitchen & Bath Designer

Norfolk Kitchen & Bath – Framingham, MA


Phone: (508) 848-4290

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About Scott:

Designing Since: 2003

Awards & Certifications: Bachelor’s in Visual Design

My Background: I graduated from UMass Dartmouth in ’95 with a degree in Design/Illustration. I worked in the printing industry as a graphic artist for 7 years before becoming a Kitchen Designer for Lowes in 2003.

What I Love About Designing: I enjoy the creativity and ability to tailor the aesthetics and function for the customer while getting to know them – after all, kitchen and bath projects are often times very personal! As one who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, I like to pass on suggestions that can help the customer think outside the box and address their specific needs. I have a tendency to bond with many of my customers so that we keep in touch (even after the sales process).

Advice For Homeowners Purchasing A New Kitchen/Bath: Think about what your short vs long term goals are for the property. A kitchen and/or bath renovation adds value to the home and is a true investment – whether for your convenience or resale. There are so many options out there so think about the level of quality, along with what is missing from your current kitchen or bath in features(and style) – after all, we’re working together to make YOUR home a better place to live in!!

Fun Fact: I became a Kitchen Designer in part because I love to cook, and do so hours at a time several days a week…anything from a Keto loaf of bread from scratch to a full Italian soiree’!! I like trying exotic foods as well. Like many in the area, I’m a devout Pats and Sox fan.