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Marilyn MacLeod, Kitchen & Bath Designer at Norfolk Kitchen & Bath Boston

Marilyn MacLeod

Kitchen & Bath Designer

Boston Showroom


Phone: (617) 296-6600

Email: [email protected]

About Marilyn:

My Background: I received training in decorative painting both in Florence, Italy and across various locations in the United States. Following this, I ventured into establishing a business focused on providing decorative painting services for the luxury market. Over the past 2 decades, my business has evolved and shifted its focus towards interior design, specifically specializing in kitchen and bath design, catering to families, builders, architects, and fellow interior designers.

What I Love About Designing: For many, design is about what you love. But also design is problem solving. I love it when people bring me their kitchen problems, but the best part about design is discovering the best solutions that will truly fit the unique way a family wants to live and use their space. It’s especially important that the design reflects the family.

Advice For Homeowners Purchasing A New Kitchen/Bath: Please bring me rough room measurements and imagery any way you like: Pinterest, Instagram, websites, screenshots, sketches, photos or tried and true magazine clippings. What's most important is defining how you want to use your kitchen and who will be using it. At start, you’re designing the kitchen you wish you could have. In this phase, the sky's the limit. It's really about your aspirations. Feel free to dream big! Your budget will pinpoint what you'll end up doing. Remember there are financing options and even with a modest budget, you'd be surprised by what's possible!

Fun Fact: I love to go to Ptown in the summer or fall, and paint plein air. The light is fantastic!