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David Welch kitchen and bath designer builder sales

Dave Welch

Kitchen & Bath Builder Sales

Nashua Showroom


Phone: (603) 577-5450

Email: [email protected]

Years of Design Experience: 10+ years

Awards & Certifications: Architectural degree. The ability to take something apart in my head and assemble it to meet your requests. I am always thinking outside the box.

My Background:  I have experience in many facets of the cabinet industry. I have designed, built, and installed custom cabinetry and countertops in both commercial and residential settings.  I pride myself on my “can do” attitude. If you have an idea, I will find a way to create it.

What I Love About Designing: Designing a kitchen that you will be proud of and fit your budget.

Advice For Homeowners Purchasing A New Kitchen/Bath: Ask for the moon and sky. Look at design magazines and websites, but be realistic. If you have low ceilings – do not get your hopes set on stacked cabinets that require 10-foot ceilings. Bring your pictures and links to help us offer you the best design service possible.

Fun Fact: I enjoy the country, the way the seasons and landscape changes through the seasons. I appreciate nature in the fullest sense.  I am also an avid gardener.  I grow vegetables, herbs, and spices for dinners that I like to prepare. So I guess you could say that I like to cook what I grow. I also enjoy Hockey, watching that is. The Bruins are my addiction.  I have a really hard time missing even just one game, which does not make the wife too happy.