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Today’s Multi-Functional Kitchen

Considerations When Designing

When starting to design your kitchen, you will need to consider the activities in kitchen, and the work zones. Are you a gourmet cook or do you go out to eat frequently? Consider the different work areas and functions of your kitchen. Every kitchen is unique in size and shape and our designers are trained to make the most out of every inch of your space with thoughtful design concepts, accessory options and storage solutions.


6. prepzone
The Prep Zone:

Here is where you will be prepping to cook. You will need plenty of counter space on both sides of the stove to prepare and cut. You will need spices and oils close by. Your designer can help make sure you maximize your space and help make the cooking process efficient.

Dining Area:

Will you have a dining table in the kitchen? consider what size it is and where you are thinking of placing it. Your designer can also design a dining area with a breakfast bar and a table area for family dining.


Are you always the home that entertains? Do you host all of the family holidays? Ever notice that guests always hang out in the kitchen? If the answer is yes, you may want to consider an island with guest seating. Gone are the days when the kitchen was a small, isolated room where the family cook slaved away while the rest of the family entertained elsewhere.

6. personalization
Personalization! Lets Help Make Your Kitchen Fit Your Lifestyle:

Today’s kitchens are multi-functional. When planning your kitchen, consider where your personal items such as keys, phones and sunglasses are kept. You may want to work with your designer to plan a space to charge your phone or tablets, sometimes it can be inside a drawer.  Are you a wine drinker? You may want to incorporate space for a wine fridge?  Do you have frequent company?  What other activities happen in your kitchen?  These are all things Norfolk Kitchen & Bath will help you with to plan the kitchen of your dreams.