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Top 2017 Boston Kitchen Design Trends

Every year, the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) releases their research on the top trends in kitchen cabinet design. Based on their research, Norfolk Kitchen & Bath has compiled a list of the top 2017 Boston kitchen remodel trends to be aware of when designing your dream kitchen.

A Clean, Contemporary Look

Clean lines and simple door styles are on the rise. While Transitional -style kitchens are still the most popular among homeowners, Contemporary-style cabinets have overtaken Traditional – styles as the second most popular design choice. As a result of this, many cabinet manufacturers, including our Showplace cabinet line, are releasing what they call “full-access” cabinetry, which eliminates the need for a cabinet frame, giving you that clean design look.

White & Gray Dominate the Market

White kitchens are a staple in Boston kitchen design, giving off the perfect “New England feel”. The NKBA has also named gray cabinets one of the biggest trends of kitchen design in 2017. Blue painted cabinets are also emerging, along with high-gloss cabinets, a big element of the Contemporary-style. High-gloss cabinets are common in modern design, popular in large cities such as Boston.

Two-Toned Kitchens

Homeowners are adding a little more depth to their kitchen design! Not only are they mixing color schemes, they are mixing up countertop materials, cabinet finishes, and hardware. White & Gray are great colors to use in a mixed palette, since they match with just about anything. Other combinations we have seen are: quartz & wood countertops, stained & painted cabinets, and a combination of knobs and pulls for hardware.

Quartz is King

Quartz is now the most popular countertop material in the U.S. Meanwhile, granite, the second most popular, is trending down. This may be due to quartz’s reputation of being “low-maintenance”, or simply the consistency of the design. Unlike granite, which is mined from Mother Nature, quartz countertops are engineered to look a certain way, allowing fabricators, such as Cambria, to create a truly unique design for your kitchen.

Technology in the Kitchen

Hands-free faucets, built-in charging stations, even Internet connected appliances are trending upward in kitchen design. Homeowners want kitchens that are functional in a technology-based era, without sacrificing the quality of the overall design. For example, electrical outlets in the backsplash detract from the clean, contemporary look that homeowners are trying to achieve. To remedy this, your designer can place the outlet under the cabinet, hiding it from view. Functionality, as well as aesthetics, are important things to consider when remodeling a kitchen in 2017.

Whatever Your Style Is, We Are Here to Help

While designing a kitchen that is trendy and modern is important when you resell a home, a kitchen design should ultimately reflect who you and how you use your space. It is also important to match the kitchen to the interior of your home. View our Inspiration Gallery for some design ideas, along with different ways to incorporate these new trends.

If you’re looking for kitchen remodeling in the Boston area, check our Norfolk Kitchen & Bath. We would love to help make your renovation even easier with free design assistance, quality cabinets, and professional installation. With more questions, call our experts today at (877) 336-9652.