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ShowplaceEVO: Full-Access Cabinetry For The Home!

Showplace EVO is a high quality, frameless construction cabinet that allows for a sleek design and greater space inside the cabinets, especially the drawers.

“Full-access” cabinetry is one of the many ways of designing and building cabinets. It is also sometimes called “frameless” or “European-style” cabinetry. It’s different from the most-common American cabinetmaking norms, which employ an assembled face frame which attaches to the front of the cabinet box. The doors hinge to this frame, and either overlay it, or are inset flush within it. A cabinet face frame is normally constructed of 1-1/2″ wide components, which, by their nature, restrict each cabinet opening somewhat.

But full-access cabinetry is different. Full-access cabinets have no face frame. Doors attach directly to a sturdy box, allowing full unrestricted access to the cabinet interior. In order to allow for this access, ShowplaceEVO cabinets are built using a specialty manufactured particleboard, which is higher density and made with precision refined wood particles. Although not AllWood Construction, as Showplace typically is, these cabinets are quality constructed and come with a lifetime warranty by Showplace.

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ShowplaceEVO offers a variety of door styles, wood species & special finishes. The Showplace ColorSelect option gives you the ability to choose your exact hue from the Sherwin-Williams fan deck, with more than a thousand choices. Each ShowplaceEVO cabinet is built to order. Nothing is made in advance to sit on a warehouse shelf, waiting to be wanted. Every one of your cabinets is crafted just for you, to exactly fit your space, tastes and personality. Then it’s delivered to you complete and ready to install.

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GET INSPIRED: View a gallery of ShowplaceEVO cabinetry to give you ideas for your own remodel!