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Solid Surface for the Bath
Solid Surface For The Bath Solid Surface For The Bath Solid Surface For The Bath Solid Surface For The Bath Solid Surface For The Bath

Solid surface:

100% non -porous

will not promote

the growth of


Solid Surface /acrylic materials are great materials in the bath environment


Solid surface counter tops and surfacing materials are ideal for the bath! Corian ® is one of the top brands of solid surface, and they have some of the finest color palettes to choose your color from.  Here are some great benefits to using solid surface for the bath:

  • 100 % non –porous: Bacteria will not get inside the material, it can only sit on top. Unlike granite, which is porous and bacteria can get inside and grow underneath.
  • Seamless : Bowls & backsplash can be seamed to be one – piece. There would be no sink rim to clean under or caulking to try to clean. It is very easy to clean up.
  • Easy to clean and maintain: It will not stain. If it does, you can easily remove it by using an abrasive cleaner and green scotchbrite® pad.
  • Inconspicuous seams on longer lengths: chemically bonded, almost invisible seams.
  • Design flexibility: Solid surface can be cut and seamed to fit any shape, and size.  It is great for Tub decks and shower walls also.
  • Tub & Showers: There are no grout lines to clean. Just a smooth surface.
  • Warranty : typical 10 year installed warranty.

Norfolk Kitchen & Bath has it’s own counter top fabrication shop, and it is trained & certified by the manufacturers to fabricate the materials properly.

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