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Salem Jenn

Jennifer Charbonneau

Kitchen & Bath Designer

Norfolk Kitchen & Bath – Salem, NH

Phone:  603-386-2030


About Jenn:

Years in Kitchen Business:   13,  with Norfolk since 2007

Awards & Certifications:

20/20 Version 9 completed, Showplace Wood Products : Norfolk on the road training

Describe yourself professionally:

I take pride in what I do and love it. I love that each and every home is different. That each customer(s) you meet has different needs, tastes, and budgets. Making people feel comfortable in doing business with Norfolk and myself is my first goal. Secondly, I believe communication is key. I feel listening to the customers personal needs is very important to making everything go smooth and have a wonderful end result.

I love when I get to be creative and someone is doing their dream kitchen, however helping a builder or a residential customer do a budget friendly kitchen to do an in-law apartment, turn over a home, condo, or town house is equally as rewarding. At the end of the day in making the customer happy and so glad they chose Norfolk and myself to do business with continues to be rewarding year after year!

Advice for home owners when purchasing a kitchen:

Go through books and magazines or onto and print out or keep together styles of kitchens with details you love. Don’t fight what you personally want or envision. There is too many choices out there and keeping up with the Jones’ shouldn’t be a concern for your investment, large or small.  Plan and save some money for a little while before taking the plunge as the process should not be a quick one, the kitchen is the heart of the home.

What do you love about designing kitchens?

Making someone love their new investment! Love the improved storage and functionality it provides them in their everyday activities and a feeling of warmth and pride in the new room they walk into everyday!

Special talents/ degrees:

I graduated from cosmetology school after high school and as practiced as a beautician for 3 years.   I was thoroughly trained in a vast amount plumbing products & worked in bathroom and kitchen fixtures for 3 years.

Your most proud accomplishment:

When a very kind previous male customer of mine went out of his way to not only tell me but E-mail my managers stating he feels that I should be in regional management within the company- (Thanks again Paul)!

Any special skills or interests?

Getting creative using different materials within the kitchen as well as colors and still feel and overall blend of all when project is complete! I have also been told I am the queen of fitting ten pounds of —- in a 5 pound bucket very well>>J

Favorite hobby?

Singing and Dancing are pretty equal in my book

Fondest memory of a previous customer:

Sorry but three equally come to mind… One female customer came by the showroom a few weeks after her completed kitchen with a beautiful potted plant for me to keep at my desk and watch grow through the spring and summer just to thank me again. Another couple brought me a homemade delicious Zucchini recipe and a large sample to take home with me and my third is another couple came by at Christmas time with a new Yankee Candle in her favorite scent with a thank you card as she thought I would appreciate it and I LOVED ALL OF THEM so very much, love my customers.

There is beauty all around us, we only have to keep our eyes & hearts open to clearly see…

Kitchens I Have Designed:

Showplace Maple Cabinets With Granite Countertop


Other Cabinetry Designs:


What My Customers Are Saying:

“Working with Jennifer at NKB in Salem was a great experience.  We ordered our cabinets through her and she helped guide us through the whole process of remodeling our kitchen. Any questions or concerns she was there to answer and work them out.  She was willing to help in any way she could.  Very positive experience working with NKB” – D. Guiliani

“My wife and I had been to a number of kitchen and bath showrooms. In late January, after months of looking, we finally had a visit with Jennifer at Norfolk’s showroom in Salem, NH.   Kismet! Jennifer was full of ideas and listened to our interests. There was no question we found a designer with the right qualities. Of course the showroom was in transition but no matter, there were many offerings almost more than we could take in. Long story short. She came, she measured , she planned and we have a new kitchen. Started on March 14th will be finished on May 6th. 6 days off the mark but nothing to do with the Norfolk experts.  Thanks. ” – Andrew

“I know this is months late, but I think it is never to late to express complete joy!! I worked with Jen in the Salem office. I could not be more happy with my results. She listened to my concerns and wants and helped us put together the kitchen of my dreams. I even asked for some special items and Jen found a way to get them for us. One item even required some handmade work from the warehouse to put together for me. Also when it came to finances Jen found a way to get us the items we needed and kept it in budget by merging two different manufactures. It worked beautifully for my design!! I just recently recommended Jen to a friend who was having trouble finding someone who was willing to listen to her about what she wanted. She went out of her way to go to the Salem office for Jen and loved her. Thank you so much Jen for all your wonderful help!!
Also wanted to give a shout out to the warehouse people too.  Everyone I dealt with from finances to replacement pieces just made this process so wonderful!! Thank you Norfolk!! – Mindy & Ken

“We were delighted to work with Jennifer Charbonneau. She was very professional, very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Her willingness to listen to our concerns and attention to detail made this project a pleasure!”  – Chris