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Cedric Liautaud

Kitchen & Bath Designer

Norfolk Kitchen & Bath – Braintree, MA


Phone: (781) 848-5333

Email: [email protected]

About Cedric:

Years of Design Experience: 12

What I Love About Designing: I have always loved to draw, to build things with my hands, to analyze why an artisan chose this shape, this method, material, or color over another while working on a project. Compared to most people around me, I have always been more interested, I dare say even mesmerized by the small “details of life”, especially when our senses are involved. Being a kitchen designer allows me to marry these various passions, interests and idiosyncrasies into a single occupation. My passion for wood, as well as my love for shapes, colors, textures, techniques, and functions all come into play. I, of course, enjoy contemplating the result of a family coming together for their first meal in their new kitchen. That being said, I also enjoy helping [my customers] with the myriad of choices they will have made along the way, to ensure this end result is not merely another pretty kitchen but a true reflection of each and every one of their wants, needs and oh yes, idiosyncrasies.

Advice For Homeowners When Purchasing A Kitchen/Bath: I am primarily driven by cost when shopping for napkins, underwear, door mats or light bulbs. I am not when shopping for a new toothbrush or an auto mechanic. Your home is possibly your most important possession. There are too many potentially costly pitfalls associated with remodeling a bathroom or kitchen to leave the task to the weekend warrior or the semi-experienced contractor. Be focused on quality. Your sanctuary, your refuge deserves nothing less. Do it right and it will reward you for years to come.

Fun Fact: Over 50 years old and I still occasionally find myself unable to put the guitar down at 3 AM.