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Kitchen Designers of the Month

Kitchen design is a specialized field that takes years to learn and perfect. Norfolk Kitchen & Bath prioritizes hiring designers that are at the top of their craft, many with decades of experience designing kitchens and bathrooms. Having an expert design your kitchen can be the difference between a successful remodel & a disaster, and at Norfolk you will always get the best of the best.

Each month, we hand-pick 2 of our professional kitchen & bath designers to highlight and showcase their accomplishments & design work, one from Massachusetts & one from New Hampshire. Here are this month’s featured designers of the month!

How She Got Into Kitchen Design: I grew up as a videographer from the age of 13 helping to produce television shows for local Cablevision TV and later interned at CNN and Channel 5’s Chronicle, so visualization was always something I was trained to do. That said, my first introduction to visualization and artistic viewpoints came from watching my grandmother. She was a struggling artist trying to feed her family, who became the first Black Interior Designer in Massachusetts. The name of her business was Adams Interiors and she worked in the corporate realm, putting together plans, swatches and color schemes. This inherently became a part of my everyday life watching her. It came as no surprise to my family when I decided to go into kitchen design since my grandmother had laid the groundwork. I was at the time freelancing in photography and videography and home schooling two children.  I needed something more steady and at night, and kitchen design fit right in with that.

Her Favorite Thing About Designing Kitchens: My favorite thing about kitchen design is creating beautiful and functional spaces that change people’s everyday lives and makes things easier for them. It’s also fun to sometimes push my thinking out of the box and get excited when the project turns out as envisioned but even better. I also love coordinating colors.

Advice For Homeowner’s Remodeling A Kitchen/Bath: Buy a quality kitchen that fits into or slightly above your budget.  Your kitchen will improve your resale value and you only do it over every fifteen+ years. It’s worth it to invest in quality cabinets that will stand up over time. However, don’t forget a few bells and whistles for yourself! You don’t want to have any regrets later and some can make life a little easier down the road.

Malaika’s Favorite Design Combo: I love the white and gray, white and blue and expresso and cream combos. However, I truly am flexible. The fun is taking any color the customer wants and coordinating it to make it work.

What She Likes To Do In Her Spare Time: In my spare time I enjoy photography, going to the theater and playing with my new puppy!


How She Got Into Kitchen Design: I became a kitchen designer because of my father. He is a custom home builder in the Lakes Region and suggested I look into doing kitchen design as my career. I have been in the industry for 10 years and have never looked back since!

Her Favorite Thing About Designing Kitchens: Working with all different kinds of customers! Each customer has different needs for their kitchen to be functional. It’s fun getting into the design and creating something completely different than what they have currently. I really enjoy creating relationships with all of my customers and getting to not only know them, but their families as well.

Advice For Homeowners Remodeling A Kitchen/Bath: Look on or Pinterest for ideas before you start working with a designer. Make sure what you’re looking at is realistic for your budget. Be honest about your budget. We’re not here to judge you, we’re here to help you and work within your budget. Most importantly, have fun and be excited!

Mariah’s Favorite Design Combo: My favorite combo right now for cabinetry is dark painted finishes with lighter wood accents. Then having a white countertop with minimal veins.! Finishing the design with a German bronze knob or handle adds just that small amount of detail to give the kitchen a “wow” factor!

What She Likes To Do In Her Spare Time: In my spare time I enjoy taking my dogs on hikes, traveling to different places in the country & world and spending time with my family and friends.

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